About us

On that clear night in Svalbard, a star was born

The idea of creating an organic freeze-dried food company existed for a very long time but was first set free on a trip to Svalbard. 

After spending a lifetime in professional kitchens with fine dine gastronomy we (Mikkel and Nikolaj) had a desire to create something rawer and more unique, in the form of outdoor food. 

During all of our amazing trips around the world, all the way from Qaanaaq in the northern part of Greenland, to the Goroka highlands in Papua New Guinea, traveling by foot, skies and 4x4, our intake of freeze-dried food was immense. The freeze-dried food on the market at that point, was not bad, but we often asked our self “why isn’t it organic?”, “why are the colors so dull?” and “why aren’t there bigger pieces of meat, vegetables and pasta in the dishes?”.  

The earth continued its journey revolving around the sun and the years passed, while the idea of creating a new and innovating freeze-dried food brand remained unchanged. On a day before another one of our many trips to Svalbard, we looked up on a crisp and clear sky and the starts guided us, telling us to grab the bull by its horns.

There we were. Two chefs with an innovating idea and the ambition to change freeze dried food forever. The journey of creating a freeze-dried brand started.

In the development phase, every single dish was prepared and freeze-dried in our own kitchen and vacuum packed, so that we could fit as much as possible into our bags for the upcoming trip. 

The very first, real-life test of the tour-food, was yet another trip to Svalbard, more specific “Longyearbyen”. We packed the dog sleds and set direction toward a mountain hut. 

Here, in the northern cold, harsh and beautiful nature, we sat up our samples out in the snow and prepared our very first tour-food. The texture and size of the meat, vegetables and pasta was just as we dreamed of. Rustic and with that homemade feeling. In middle of the white snow, the colors of the ingredients and meals popped and looked cleaner and clearer than we have ever hoped for. Sitting there, under the North Star, we knew that nothing could stop us. 

With all our combined knowledge of gastronomy together with years and years of wilderness trips, we knew that we could make the difference, and we were unstoppable!

On that clear night in Svalbard, a star was born – Trail Organic Food.

Our path.

An original idea.

When we first met, we felt the lights of the North Star revealed a new way.

When we travel alone or together through life and through the world - we leave marks. It's inevitable.

Our Vision

We want to make sure these marks are unharmful.

Leave no trace.

That led us on a new path together.

We founded Trail Food Company, created with passion for food and nature.

Trail is for the love of food and nature.

Trail is the breakfast that structures the day ahead.

Trail is the dinner that brings together new experiences.

Trail is any great meal out there, always organic and full of energy.

Our mission


We believe in natural ingredients and natural flavors, grown without any additives and with respect for nature.


We source, produce, freeze dry, and package every Trail meal in Denmark to gain consistency in all of our products, and to contribute to reducing environmental impact.


Every Trail meal is made from 100 % certified organic ingredients.


We live to cook organic, healthy and flavorful food.


We love nature and deeply treasure all the roads that lead us to the places of our dreams.

We cook our meals the same way its cooked at home.