The founders behind Trail - two chefs who are well known in the Scandinavian gastronomic segment, with a mission to create the first organic freeze dried food for outdoor enthusiasts.

Every Trail meal is made in Denmark, and is 100 % certified organic. There is no factory secrets or hidden ingredients - so rest assured and bring Trail on your next expedition.

- Made with love and respect for food and nature.

Every Trail meal is


- Produced in DK (Contributes to reduce environmental impact)

- No additives or extra spices

- 100% transparency!


- Full of nutrients

- Easy to make (all you need is boiled water)

- Easy to bring along (takes up minimum packaging space)


Freeze drying is a very old technique that is meant to originate from the Inka Empire in the year 1200. The Inkas freeze dried potatoes and made early attempts of beef jerky. They did it by placing the food in high altitude with freezing temperatures overnight and afterwards letting the sun dry the food.

Of course this is not how we do it today. But the technique is the same. Today we use specially designed containers where the food is freeze dried under controlled conditions, to make sure that the taste, consistency and all vitamins & minerals are preserved.


Has proven that freeze dried food keeps up 90 % of their nutritional values. That is a lot higher than with traditional drying or other preserving techniques, that often damage the vitamins and minerals.

One of the benefits

With freeze dried food is that up to 98% of the water content have been removed, thereby giving a long shelf life and keeping vitamins & minerals, taste & consistency at their prime.

All the dishes from Trail are made with a high nutritional value.

They are quickly cooked, and are all made with the culinary experience as a key factor.

We want to offer a meal where taste, smell, consistency, and color plays a main part of the experience.

Trail takes up a minimum of packaging space, is quickly cooked, and has a long shelflife. Bring a culinary experience in your backpack on your next journey.

How to prepare delicious dishes on the go

To cook a Trail meal is fast and easy. All you need is boiled water and a spoon.

Open the bag, pour in boiling water, wait 10 minutes, stir the content of the bag, and enjoy your organic Trail meal.

There is no factory secrets or hidden ingredients

Trail meals are safe